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ACE Football Club (Soccer)

The mission of the Audacia Center for Excellence (ACE) Football Club (FC) is to provide relevant, comprehensive football/soccer and life skills instruction in order to educate and prepare youth for a quality professional lifelong learning STEAM2 experience.


The core component of ACE FC is modeled after the Bermuda Brazilian Football School (BBFS). The rigorous training method is based on Futebol de Salão (FDS), known as Futsal, a FIFA-sanctioned football method. ACE FC/BBFS incorporates soccer training, health and hygiene, and life skills education part of the curriculum. Other STEAM2 related activities include basic financial literacy (saving and investing), anti-drug and anti-violence and mentoring workshops.
“To foster the Mental, Physical and Emotional growth of our youth through football both nationally and internationally”.
The ACE FC/BBFS philosophy is to improve the technical ability and psychological strength of each individual player, both male/female (aged 8-17 years of age). The emphasis is to promote participation and enjoyment among young players, coaches, parents and spectators in a creative, exciting and safe environment.

The BBFS modeled syllabus

  1. Futebul de Salao
  2. Emphasis on individual skills
  3. Increased training time
  4. Mental and physical strength
  5. Healthy habits

ACE FC/BBFS aims for two levels of results:

  1. Individual: The setting of personal skill levels and self discipline.
  2. Teamwork: The respect for each other enabling us to work together on and
    off the field.
ACE participants share in community service work and welcome the any opportunity to give back.
The BBFS Skills Development Program ACE FC practice with regular group and individual practice sessions.

The measured skills development program starts at level one. Participants progress at their own individual rate as the program develops.

  • Level 1 Yellow/Blue Shirt – Beginner
    • award practicing fundamental skills
  • Level 2 Red/Black Shirt
    • accomplished fundamental skills
    • increased level of ball mastery
  • Level 3 Green/Black Shirt
    • advanced skills
    • advance level of ball mastery
    • mastery of associated skills in a set time-frame.
  • Level 4 Youth Trainee Coach Award/BBFS Shirt
    • technical excellence and leadership skills
    • opportunities to develop coaching and professional development
    • education overseas or entry into an international youth football academy
  • Level 5 MVP Award
    • Youth Trainee Coaches distinguished in areas of coaching, deportment and academic achievement
    • certified in First Aid
    • basic referee course and or Laws of the Game exam
    • level 4 and level 5 mastery

Special Requirements


Measured data for annual reports will keep our programs free.

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